Michaud Statement on House Budget

Mar 29, 2012 Issues: Addressing the National Debt

WASHINGTON, DC Today, Congressman Mike Michaud issued the following statement on the budget put forward by House Republican leaders:

“This was not an honest effort to put forward a budget that could gain bipartisan support and hold both chambers of Congress to achievable deficit reduction goals. Congress has gone far too long without a workable budget to guide our nation on a sustainable, pro-growth fiscal path. It seems that election year politicking has fogged Washington’s view of nearly everything these days.

“We must cut the deficit, and I’ve supported numerous measures to do so. But I strongly oppose ending Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and raising health care costs for seniors. And I’m not going to support a budget that continues drastic cuts to LIHEAP. This budget would deal a severe blow to the wellbeing of thousands of Mainers.”