Michaud Applauds Senate Vote on Unemployment Compensation

Jan 7, 2014 Issues: Job Creation and the Economy

WASHINGTON, DC Today, Representative Mike Michaud issued the following statement after the Senate voted to clear a procedural hurdle to consider an extension of emergency unemployment compensation:

“Although this is only a procedural vote, I’m hopeful it’s a positive sign. I’m pleased the Senate has agreed to move forward on this issue, and I applaud Senators Collins and King for supporting the measure.

“Many Mainers who lost their job through no fault of their own continue to struggle to make ends meet. Without this critical assistance it can be impossible to put food on the table, make rent, or pay a mortgage.

“The impact of this program has ripple effects throughout our economy, and losing it has already resulted in a significant blow to economic activity in our local communities. Many are still feeling the impacts of the worst recession in generations, and now is not the time to turn our backs on those who are working hard to find another job to support their families. I urge the House and Senate to pass this extension as soon as possible.”